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Can I mirror a GoPro to a TV?

Unfortunately not, GoPro does not have screen mirroring capabilities at the moment

Can I use a GoPro connected to just an iPad Sharing Station?

Yes, you can. You can but you will need a setup like the video below, or an iPad with built-in LTE.

How do I setup the 360 LED inflatable photo booth?

How do I setup The Allure 360 Photo Booth Enclosure?

How do I assemble the 360 Deluxe LED Photo Booth Enclosure?

How do I adjust the arm on the RevoSpin OM-4 & RM-4 360 manual photo booth?

RM-4 & OM-4 360 manual arm pins are not locking into place. How do I fix this?

If you own a RM-4 & OM-4 360 Manual platform Please watch this troubleshoot video.

How do I setup the Touchpix app for iPhone & iPad?

Learn how to setup your 360 photo booth with the Touchpix app for iPhone & iPad. Stream a session to your TV with an Apple TV box and a separate TV. 

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